Greeting from the owner

Hirokawa opened in 2005, taking over the location where my mother had formerly ran a business. I had decided to step into the world of cooking as I enjoyed fishing and cooking the fish that I had caught. Through my mother’s contacts I got my first position of employment at a lively and reasonably-priced sushi shop located downtown which had a takeout service. The reason I had chosen to work there was because of my awe at the skill and speed of the sushi chefs behind the glass window as they cleaned and cut fish for various takeout sushi orders in front of waiting customers. However, I was unable to eat raw fish at first. Through many years of training I learned different techniques on how to reduce the smell of raw fish and instead bring out its flavor of sweetness. I was given many opportunities to sample the dishes of distinguished restaurants and was reminded each time of the deliciousness of sushi which further invigorated me in my goal becoming a sushi artist who could create wonderful sushi. Every stimulating encounter that I have with chefs, regardless of cuisine or style, reminds me of how much more there is for me yet to learn and boosts my personal growth. I will continue to study and learn new ways on how to create a restaurant where customers can enjoy their time of dining and feel like they want to visit again.
Owner: Hirotsugu Morioka

Our daily pursuit to create delicious sushi

The ingredients we use are not limited to those sourced from the Tsukiji market but also include the most premium ingredients handpicked from local markets and areas of production. We are dedicated in creating simple yet flavorful dishes that bring out the best qualities of the ingredients being used. Our top recommendation is the anago (conger eel) as its soft fluffy meat just absolutely melts in the mouth. Our sushi rice uses only the most qualified rice in terms of its stickiness and consistency. We value the basics of sushi-making which affect its flavor, such as the method of heating and amount of salt included, while also searching for and trying new things in the pursuit of the “deliciousness” of sushi.