Omakase Course ¥19,800(¥21,780)

Please note that the number of the dishes in the meal as well as the type of food in the meal will vary based on the price selected.
(The number of dishes may vary with the season and due to supply).

・Prices listed

※()Prices within the parenthesis include tax and seating charge.
※10% service charge is required at the time of the reservation.

・Policy on bringing outside drinks or food into the restaurant

Bringing outside drinks is allowed, however there is a required corkage fee required (please inquiry at time of reservation). We are sorry but outside food (cake etc.) is prohibited.

・Policy on children

We are sorry but children under the age of 10 are not allowed. Children over the age of 10 that can eat an adult's course are allowed.

・Reservations for people dining alone

Reservations for people dining alone are accepted.

・Reservation and Payment method

. After seating availability has been confirmed, payment for courses with credit card or Paypal are required.
※The payment method on-site is cash only.

・Cancellation Policy

【For reservations of 1-2 guests】
※A 100% refund is provided to customers that cancel 3 or more days before their reservation (must be at least three days before reservation).
※Cancellations made on the day of the reservation, a day before the reservation, or two days before the date of the reservation, will not be eligible for a refund.
【For reservations of 3 or more guests】
※We provide a 100% refund to customers, provided their cancellation is at least 8 days before their reservation.
※Cancellations anytime within 7 days before the date of the reservation (1-7 days before the day of the reservation, including the day of the reservation), will not be eligible for a refund.